You have the Right to Vote – Vote!

I have never been interested in politics but the current economic crisis demands a call for action.

We all need to be part of the change so Get Involved! This November 4th go and vote and vote for change. We have had enough of the same politics for the last catastrophic 8 years.

Let’s hope that the new President recovers the image of the US as a naive, too positive country full of people that believe “anything can come true”. The world doesn’t see us that way these days. Not since we went to war.

No illustration to accompany my post. Just a call for change and action. Vote wisely and vote for change! We all need it.

Sedona’s Workshop with Claudine

So I’m taking some time away from design work and posting about Claudine’s workshop last weekend. I should have been working, though.

It was at The Barn at the Sedona Arts Center – a very old building that I thought would collapse. It didn’t. In fact, it was a very sound building!

First day was a crashed course in color theory and composition. Next 3 days was all about tricks and techniques. We even played with wax which I had never used in my pieces.

Some pics:

The sign.

The Barn at Sedona Arts Center

Is this going to work?
Is this going to work?

Debbi hard at work.
Debbi hard at work

Lori Garver – now also painting. She is a writer.
Lori Garver

Table One – Tina rubbing paper. We rubbed a lot of paper last weekend.
Table One

Lots of Rubbing that Weekend

Table One – Tina from Monterey and Kirsten from Tucson. People from lots of places attended the workshop. We even had a gal from Switzerland – although she lived in Mill Valley when she signed up.
Table One

Golden promo shot.
Golden promo shot

Table One – Tina, Kirsten, Claudine, Debbi and I.
Tina, Kirsten, Claudine, Debbi and I.

Table One got Claudine a present – “Table One Rocks!” All very much Claudine’s style.
Barn Closed

Barn Open

Leaving for Claudine’s Workshop

Now the next big workshop, Claudine Hellmuth at Sedona Arts Center. Debbi and I are driving up to Sedona tomorrow after lunch. God helps us!

Hopefully I’ll remember to take some pictures. With so many design deadlines, I can’t have a full day worth of painting. In Sedona, I’ll have 4. What a luxury!

Pat Cummings last Friday and Saturday

Pat Cummings was in Scottsdale last weekend. Finally! She is an engaging speaker, witty woman and very knowledgeable teacher in her field – Children’s Illustration.

Friday we had a Round Table with Authors and Author-Illustrators.
Saturday the much awaited Illustrators’ Intensive.

Awesome experience! We shared the room with new people – which was great. We love getting new active Illustrators in the Chapter. Very fun weekend.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here you go my friends.

Round Table

Round Table

Round Table

Reviewing the assignment

Listening attentively

Listening attentively

Reviewing the assignment

Learning about promo materials

Portfolio Reviews

Discussing the Assignment

Wrapping Up

Tanja Bauerle, Pat Cummings, Michelle Parker-Rock and me

IF – Packed

Blankie and all here I go!

Lellie escapes to Wildflower Field

Feliz Cumpleanhos, Baby – From Illo to Fondant

Check out what this girl does for us. I send the sketches and illustrations and she makes them in fondant. She’s an artist!

– Color illustration below

monster sketch

monster sketch

monster sketch

monster pic

monster pic

monster pic

monster pic

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Feliz Cumpleanhos, Baby

My son’s bd was on the 23th. Feliz Dia, mi amor.

An illustration that I did for the invitation to his bd, and the 3D sculpture made out of fondant for the bd cake. Cake girl is an artist!

I’ll post a nicer pick of the sculpture later today. I kept it!

Monster Party

monster pic

SCBWI-AZ – Resignation

As of today, I’m no longer Co-Illustrator’s Rep for the Arizona Chapter of SCBWI. Any question about the Chapter, can be directed to Tanja Bauerle – our current Illustrator’s Rep.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to help the Illustrators in our Region.

Workshops – Update: Cummings + Hellmuth

One more week for Pat’s Workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Two weeks for Claudine’s workshop in Sedona, Arizona. Can’t wait.

Pat Cummings – Workshop’s Update

All spots have been filled for the October 4th Workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are 22. I can’t wait to see everybody’s pieces! Only two more weeks to go.

Initial sketches of assignments have been emailed to Pat and her comments are starting to come back. Haven’t received mine back yet. Here’s a sketch that I didn’t send. I decided to go with Rapunzel. I’ll post her later.

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