Doodle of a Ramdon Day – Pajarito

No, people. I can’t commit to ‘A Doodle a Day’ so I will have my ‘Doodle of a Ramdon Day’ that from now on will be my ‘DOARD.’ Here’s the first one: ‘Salte de mi Cabeza, Pajarito?’

Puedes salirte de mi cabeza, pajarito?
Porque eres tan obstinado?
Determinado y furioso me rindes
y no quiero lucharte
porque se te ve tan pequenhito
que no junto valor para echarte.

Y no se de donde te me abestias
y te haces pajarraco grandote
Que no quiero luchar.
Salte de mi cabeza, pajarito.

Emily Chen’s Awesome T-shirts

Emily Chen’s has a T-shirt giveaway. You can read more about it here. Good luck! Her illustration rocks!

Ramdon Thoughts – Saint Paddy’s Day

Reasons to celebrate Saint Paddy’s Day:

1. You are Irish
2. You would like to be Irish
3. An excuse to go out and celebrate on a Tuesday
4. You are a devoted Catholic and celebrate every Saint’s Day
5. You started dating Hubby.

Happy Anniversary!!

Way too Long

I’m sorry for the disappearance. I’ve been working in lots of design projects in the last few months. Very busy.

Exciting news are that I just got back from Peru. It was 14 years since I got some time with my girls from high school, college and next door. I wouldn’t have asked for more. I traveled single and stayed at lots of different homes – all of my friends’. I’m renovated and rejuvenated. Ready for months of hard work.

A few pics for you all. Bear Hug!



Alive and Kicking

Hola chicos y chicas. Really busy days lately. I’m excited about the projects I’m working on, though. Nothing to post right now.

You have the Right to Vote – Vote!

I have never been interested in politics but the current economic crisis demands a call for action.

We all need to be part of the change so Get Involved! This November 4th go and vote and vote for change. We have had enough of the same politics for the last catastrophic 8 years.

Let’s hope that the new President recovers the image of the US as a naive, too positive country full of people that believe “anything can come true”. The world doesn’t see us that way these days. Not since we went to war.

No illustration to accompany my post. Just a call for change and action. Vote wisely and vote for change! We all need it.

SCBWI-AZ – Resignation

As of today, I’m no longer Co-Illustrator’s Rep for the Arizona Chapter of SCBWI. Any question about the Chapter, can be directed to Tanja Bauerle – our current Illustrator’s Rep.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to help the Illustrators in our Region.

Russian Post

A page with a selection of pieces of Little Red Riding Hood. Page kept by Little Red Riding Hood herself that is currently living in the Russian Federation. Thanks LRRH! Check it out. Pretty cool.

Wellerwishes Post

Surfing around I found this nice post in Kathy Weller’s Blog. It is from December of 2006! Click here to read it. Thanks, Kathy.

Alive and Kicking

Haven’t had much time to upload new images. Tonight is the night.

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