Poppy – Coloring Page

Poppy's Birthday Morning - Coloring PageSummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Monday Coloring Page is here with one of the illustrations from “Poppy’s Best Day Ever” – a book I illustrated for El Mejor Nido ®.


Jorge and Iguana Magazine

During the Spring I received a short story to illustrate for the July/August issue of “Iguana Magazine”. I immediately said yes knowing that “Iguana Magazine” is published in Spanish, it’s a children’s magazine and it aims to instill Latino pride to the children that read it. What else did I need to know? That the story was about a little boy that dreamed of Mermaids. There was no going back. Tight deadline and all, I took the project.


The Messy One – Coloring Page

The Messy One - Coloring PageSummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Another special Monday: Today is the release of The Messy One from the “Little Boost Series” by Picture Window Books from Capstone Publishers. With such an special occasion, the Coloring Page has to be dedicated to Vivienne and her parents. Happy Release Day to The Messy One!


Snorkling Buddy – Coloring Page

Snorkling BuddySummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Your Monday delivery is here, my friends. This week: Snorkling Buddy.


Kitty on a Tree – Coloring Page

Kitty on a TreeSummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Hola! Monday is the day today and the new coloring page has arrived: Kitty on a Tree.


Growing Up – Coloring Page

Growing UpSummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Well, hello there! It’s Monday Coloring Page Day and today’s page is about: Growing Up.


Lellie and Buzz – Coloring Page

Lellie and BuzzSummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
It’s a special Monday today for 2 reason:
1. It’s 4th of July aka Independence Day in the United States. Happy 4th!
2. “Lellie the Different Elephant” that I illustrated is available at Amazon since last Saturday. Happy Lellie Day!


My New Puppy – Coloring Page

My New PuppySummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Monday again and that means New Coloring Page! This week I bring you: My New Puppy.

Do you remember years back when it was only you and your puppy having some special time together? I do. So much love and I remember it being so quiet. Quiet time: sometimes a sweet memory in this home. Sigh.


Feed the Sharks – Coloring Page

Feed the SharksSummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
It’s that day of the week again and here’s a new coloring page: Feed the Sharks.


Papa Bear – Coloring Page

Summer Break Coloring Pages by JuanaPapa Bear
Hello there! This upcoming Sunday we are celebrating Father’s Day in most of the world. With such an important day approaching, this week’s coloring page is dedicated to the Dads. All of the Dads.

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