The Messy One – Coloring Page

The Messy One - Coloring PageSummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Another special Monday: Today is the release of The Messy One from the “Little Boost Series” by Picture Window Books from Capstone Publishers. With such an special occasion, the Coloring Page has to be dedicated to Vivienne and her parents. Happy Release Day to The Messy One!


Snorkling Buddy – Coloring Page

Snorkling BuddySummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Your Monday delivery is here, my friends. This week: Snorkling Buddy.


Lellie, Lellie!

Lellie at the Studio

You can now order “Lellie The Different Elephant” a book written by Lois Ann Garza. I illustrated the book with colored pencils. These pieces were the last done with this medium. For the brighter pieces, I used inks to create an under-painting.


Kitty on a Tree – Coloring Page

Kitty on a TreeSummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Hola! Monday is the day today and the new coloring page has arrived: Kitty on a Tree.


What I learned from Dan Santat’s Workshop

Things take time for me to sink in so it makes sense that after a month of attending Dan Santat’s workshop here in Phoenix I finally can sort out what I’ve learned from it. So here is my recap of what I got out of the experience.
Warning: Results may vary depending on locations and illustrators.

1 Know Who You Admire In Order to Understand What You Need To Do As An Artist
Dan asked us to find a piece that we love. So as diligent as I am, I immediately created a Dropbox folder and dragged and dropped pieces that I felt were gorgeous for one reason or another. It didn’t take long until I realized I had over 30 jpeg files. So I had to narrow it down over and over again. Until I was left with 1 piece. The process confirmed my love for Rebecca Dautremer‘s work. In the process I clearly outlined what I love about her work and I know what I need to achieve on my work: her use of light, her portray of different cultures, and her incredible compositions. Now I have a clear direction.

2 Learn From The “Masters”
Part of the assignment was to copy the 1 piece that you loved. So I did my copy. What did I learn? My eyes see colors a lot brighter than they need to be. Rebecca’s work has all these colors yet when I was copying her piece I had to force myself to mute my palette – a lot. I also learned how to use gouache by looking at her illustration. So next time that you love a piece even if you are too busy, I dare you to copy it. You have no idea all that you can learn.


Growing Up – Coloring Page

Growing UpSummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Well, hello there! It’s Monday Coloring Page Day and today’s page is about: Growing Up.


Lellie and Buzz – Coloring Page

Lellie and BuzzSummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
It’s a special Monday today for 2 reason:
1. It’s 4th of July aka Independence Day in the United States. Happy 4th!
2. “Lellie the Different Elephant” that I illustrated is available at Amazon since last Saturday. Happy Lellie Day!


My New Puppy – Coloring Page

My New PuppySummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Monday again and that means New Coloring Page! This week I bring you: My New Puppy.

Do you remember years back when it was only you and your puppy having some special time together? I do. So much love and I remember it being so quiet. Quiet time: sometimes a sweet memory in this home. Sigh.


Feed the Sharks – Coloring Page

Feed the SharksSummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
It’s that day of the week again and here’s a new coloring page: Feed the Sharks.


Papa’s Hug

Papa's Hug to Celebrate Father's Day

A quick sketch that I did of my husband and boys a couple of weeks ago thinking of Father’s Day and today is Father’s Day so here I am posting it and wishing all the dad’s a Happy Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to my husband and my Dad, too.

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