Papa Bear – Coloring Page

Summer Break Coloring Pages by JuanaPapa Bear
Hello there! This upcoming Sunday we are celebrating Father’s Day in most of the world. With such an important day approaching, this week’s coloring page is dedicated to the Dads. All of the Dads.


Outdoors – Coloring Page

OutdoorsSummer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Hello you wonderful people! A new coloring page is ready for you and your little ones and it is all about having fun the old-fashioned way: Outdoors!

So print your coloring page, grab some crayons and get out to the park or just your front lawn – shoes optional.


Memorial Day – Coloring Page

Summer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Hello there! And Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

As promised, today we start the weekly SUMMER BREAK COLORING PAGES that will last until Monday, September 5th.


Summer Break Coloring Pages

Summer Break Coloring Pages by Juana
Yes, it’s that time of the year! The much anticipated SUMMER BREAK.
(Jaws’ theme song playing – loudly)

Starting Monday, May 30th I’ll have a weekly coloring page for you to print out and hand to your little ones. This will last through Monday, September 5th.

Neither rain, nor shine, nor holiday, nor tantrum, nor conference will stop the 9am PST weekly delivery. That’s a total of 15 coloring pages to keep your most precious and shortest loved ones temporarily busy.

Why am I doing this? This household has not one but two little ones constantly (and I mean constantly) requesting drawings of different things/animals/situations so they can paint while I work. I thought this summer I would share it with the world and give other hard-working moms and dads a few minutes to focus on bills, work, laundry or just to lift their feet up, savor that iced tea and read that magazine that has been waiting for you. Now you can!

It sounds good, doesn’t it? So sign-up and get your Weekly Coloring Pages delivered to your inbox or subscribe to my blog and get those few minutes to yourself. We know you deserve them!

Would you like to make a subject request? Just post yours on the comments! Requests are on a first-come first-serve basis. I’ll try my best to honor most requests.

Other than that, see you next Monday!


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