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“The Messy One” Giveaway – Results

Two weeks ago, I posted about “The Messy One” (Picture Window Books/Capstone Publishers 2012) and included a giveaway for a copy of the book.

I would like to thank everyone who read the post and especially all those who entered the giveaway. And now to the results of my First Giveaway ever:

1. Ni
2. Laura
3. Maria
4. Antoana
5. Guiomar
6. Diandra Mae
7. C. Francisco
8. Sarah
9. Anne
10. Jannie
11. Edit
12. Chellie
13. Shirley
14. Laura Z.
15. Ursula
16. Lil Kim
17. Dana

18. Aimee
19. Alvaro
20. Casey
21. Michela
22. Patty
23. Tarsila
24. April
25. Marilú
26. Mary
27. Dariela
28. Nora
29. Alicia
30. Elvira
31. Aleta
32. Megumi
33. Liesl
34. Gabriella

35. Marcia
36. Becky
37. Diana
38. Laurie
39. Angela
40. Christina
41. Clara
42. Terra
43. Tracy
44. Debbie
45. David
46. Monica
47. Nadine
48. Rosario
49. Rocío
50. Charles
51. Sharon

With the help of random.org:
The winner is: 10 – Jannie
The Messy One Giveaway Results

Children's book author and illustrator, mami of three, wife, sun aficionado, amateur singer and Margarita lover born in Lima, Peru and living in sunny AZ.


  • October 3, 2011


    Oh…I am the first winner!!!!!!!! I am so happy about this!!!! Thank you so much for choosing Ni, Juana!!! You are the best!!! I am so looking forward to it!!! My dear friend,Antoana is on the list as well. We both are so lucky!!! Thank you again,Juana!! You are arts are awesome!

  • October 3, 2011


    Wait….I am so sorry that I did not see the result as the first give away winner is Jennie!!! So sorry about that!! Congratulation to Jennie!!! My mistake!!!! ^___^ Still happy for Jennie!

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