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Mini-Interviews Starting Next Week

It’s been an eventful weekend and even more eventful Monday. Sandy has behaved badly and deserves to be sent to the corner facing the wall. We are thinking of all our family and friends in CT, PA and NY. We hope they are all safe and warm.

With Sandy in time-out, I have to go back to our schedule and the initial, planned purpose of this post: the Mini-Interviews will start next Tuesday here!

I will be posting every Tuesday a new interview with a different and very talented illustrator and author/illustrator. My guests include:

Molly, Mikela and Laura will each have different guests at each of their blogs. Want to know who has been invited where? Visit Molly‘s blog tomorrow, Mikela‘s blog Thursday and Laura’s blog Friday. Yes, we are all posting this week.

I will see you all here next Tuesday with our First Mini-Interview!

Stay safe and warm and have a chocolate-filled Halloween tomorrow!

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Children's book author and illustrator, mami of three, wife, sun aficionado, amateur singer and Margarita lover born in Lima, Peru and living in sunny AZ.

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